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EmployerOne Survey

2014 EmployerOne Results: 

The first graphic below shows some highlights of employer responses to the survey.  Information about survey respondents, employee turnover, recruitment methods and skills and training are included. There were a total of 155 completed survey and 109 additional employers
provided partial responses but did not complete the entire survey.

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This second graphic shows more detailed information about separations and hires according to area employers. There were a total of 155 completed survey and 109 additional employers provided partial responses but did not complete the entire survey. Separations are defined as retirements, dismissals, permanent layoffs and other separations. Hires are defined as
simply an open position filed.

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2014 PowerPoint Presentation of Results

2013 EmployerOne Results


What we are Facing:
We are forced to think differently about productivity and growth because:

  1. Globalization is expanding more than ever creating a highly competitive market
  2. Incredible movements in technology are ushering a new technological age
  3. There is a demographic shift in a population that is aging rapidly

The Offer:

For the past year a collaboration of workforce, economic, education and business groups have come together in order to develop a collaborative, efficient way to obtain reliable local labour market information from employers.  The EmployerOne Survey is designed to get this information while respecting the employer's confidentiality and limited time.  The EmployerOne survey allows employers, once a year, a chance to communicate their combined workforce needs to stakeholders, colleges, universities, school boards, and employment service providers, who can provide solutions.

 Direct Benefits to You:

  1. A timely and dependable reflection of workforce needs will assist in human resource decisions
  2. Better control of turn over rate by communicating needs and what you're offering through the EmployerOne Survey

Direct Costs to You:
None - The survey can be taken anytime within the month of January and can be done progressively by saving the answers.

Information Use:
The EmployerOne Survey was created with consultation of key individuals and organizations in both the public and private sectors to ensure the survey meets its purpose.  The survey will start with a three-year plan that has been developed to give the survey the time it needs to establish itself.  The following items have been put in place to ensure its success:

  1. A Memorandum of Understanding and a letter of support, to ensure all partners will work, to the best of their abilities, towards the success of the survey
  2. A sophisticated survey software program is being used to collect all responses and break down data
  3. All the collected data and the labour market intelligence that comes of it will be shared with the partners who will in turn use it in ways that ultimately serves the needs of the region's labour market

Partners Who Have Signed the Memorandum of Understanding:

  1. Better Business Bureau of Western Ontario
  2. CFDC of Middlesex County  
  3. Community Employment Services - Woodstock 
  4. EMO Workforce Planning and Development Board
  5. HRPA of London and District 
  6. Nokee Kwe
  7. Community Employment Choices 
  8. London & District Construction Association  
  9. London Home Builders’ Association
  10. London St. Thomas Association of Realtors 
  11. Employment Services Elgin 
  12. South Central Ontario Region
  13. South West Economic Alliance 
  14. TechAlliance 
  15. YWCA St.Thomas - Elgin 
  16. London Economic Development Corporation 
  17. County of Elgin 
  18. Employment Sector Council London Middlesex 
  19. Tourism London 
  20. St. Thomas & District Chamber of Commerce 
  21. Leads Employment Services 
  22. Literacy Link South Central 
  23. Small Business Centre 
  24. London Chamber of Commerce 
  25. Fanshawe College 
  26. Pillar Nonprofit Network 
  27. Ingersoll District Chamber of Commerce 
  28. Woodstock District Chamber of Commerce 


  1. Downtown London
  2. Collège Boréal 
  3. Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food/Ontario Ministry of Rural Affairs - Elgin, Middlesex, Oxford 


The EmployerOne Survey aims to take the initative in demand local market information. The survey needs participation of employers in the Elgin, Middlesex and Oxford region in order to ensure this outcome can be reached.  The potential benefits that come with the EmployerOne Survey more than outweigh its cost and will provide much needed data to produce quality information on workforce needs of our regions employers.

The EmployerOne Survey is a project of the Workforce Planning and Development Board and was funded by the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities.