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EmployerOne Survey

2015 EmployerOne Results

EmployerOne is an annual local survey for employers in Elgin, Middlesex and Oxford counties and the City of London (EMO region). The survey asks questions about employer's current workforce, hires and separations, and recruitment methods as well as education, skills and training needs. By filling out the survey, a more robust analysis and in depth vision of both current and projected industry trends can be provided; as well as the overall status of the local labour market. EmployerOne is helpful as a HR planning tool, helps identify skills shortages, informs the community about employers’ needs, is a confidential, once-a-year survey and is for businesses big and small. The survey will be open January 2 to 31, 2015, and the results are then housed and accessible on  Have your say and be part of the solution. Fill out the EmployerOne survey.  Watch for the EmployerOne survey in your email inbox in January 2015.

2014 EmployerOne Results

2014 EmployerOne Powerpoint of Results

2013 EmployerOne Results


Partners Who Have Signed the Memorandum of Understanding or the Letter of Support:

  1. Better Business Bureau of Western Ontario 
  2. Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME)    
  3. CFDC of Middlesex County  
  4. Community Employment Choices 
  5. Community Employment Services - Woodstock  
  6. Conseil Scolaire Catholique Providence 
  7. County of Elgin 
  8. County of Middlesex 
  9. County of Oxford 
  10. Employment Sector Council of London Middlesex 
  11. Employment Services Elgin 
  12. EMO Workforce Planning and Development Board
  13. Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium 
  14. Fanshawe College 
  15. HRPA of London and District 
  16. Ingersoll District Chamber of Commerce
  18. Leads Employment Services 
  19. Literacy Link South Central 
  20. London Chamber of Commerce 
  21. London & District Construction Association  
  22. London Economic Development Corporation 
  23. London Home Builders’ Association
  24. London Small Business Centre 
  25. London St. Thomas Association of Realtors 
  26. Ministry of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure  
  27. Nokee Kwe 
  28. Ontario College of Trades 
  29. Pillar Nonprofit Network
  30. South Central Ontario Region
  31. South West Economic Alliance 
  32. Strathroy & District Chamber of Commerce 
  33. St. Thomas & District Chamber of Commerce 
  34. TechAlliance 
  35. Tourism London 
  36. Woodstock District Chamber of Commerce 
  37. YWCA St.Thomas - Elgin 


  1. Downtown London
  2. Collège Boréal 
  3. Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food/Ontario Ministry of Rural Affairs - Elgin, Middlesex, Oxford  


The EmployerOne Survey aims to take the initative in demand local market information. The survey needs participation of employers in the Elgin, Middlesex and Oxford region in order to ensure this outcome can be reached.  The potential benefits that come with the EmployerOne Survey more than outweigh its cost and will provide much needed data to produce quality information on workforce needs of our regions employers.

The EmployerOne Survey is a project of the Workforce Planning and Development Board which is funded by the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities.