Deb’s Retirement and Emilian as Our New ED

Debra Mountenay, Executive Director of the EMOWPDB for the last 23 years, retired on March 31, 2022. We’re so sad to see her go, but so happy for her to experience the joys of retirement.

Proudly announcing our new Executive Director, Emilian Siman. Emilian’s first official day as the ED of EMOPWDB was April 1, 2022.

Shared below is the thoughtful message written by Deb on March 31, 2022, to say her farewells and introduce our partners and the community to Emilian:

“Director of the Workforce Planning and Development Board (WPDB) is the opportunity that I have had to work with a wide range of partners across the London Economic Region (Elgin, Middlesex and Oxford Counties). Workforce issues will continue to be the major concern over the next few years as employers look to expand their workforce and job seekers are able to secure employment that engages them while providing them with income that supports their families. 

The people I have worked with over the years recognize that we are all in this together. I know that collectively that work will continue. I believe that this is what I will miss most of all as I leave the WPDB at the end of March. 
Thank you to the individuals and organizations that I have had the opportunity to meet and work with over the years – to the past and present Directors of the WPDB, I appreciate the advice and leadership that you have provided – to the staff, past and present, I appreciate your willingness to go on this journey with me, even though I am sure at times you wondered exactly what road we were on and where it was heading.

Thank you to my husband, Joe, and our family and extended family. There were many times when I was going to spend time with you “just as soon as I finished this email”. You have been supportive through it all and given me the time and space to get the job done. 

It has been twenty-three years since I joined the WPDB. As I say goodbye to the staff at WPDB this week I know that I leave the organization in the very capable hands of Emilian Siman. Emilian has most recently been the Senior Data Analyst at the WPDB having started with the organization in 2013 as the Data Analyst for the Worktrends website. As the Executive Director of WPDB he will bring his talent to his new role and continue the growth of the organization. 

“Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.” (Fred Rogers)

I am looking forward to finding out what that something else will be.”

-Deb Mountenay