Growing Your Workforce Conference

About the Growing Your Workforce Conferences

Growing Your Workforce is an annual conference directed by a different employment organization every year.

Experts in all stages of one’s employment journey sit on the planning committee of the conference, and the planning of each conference takes almost a full year’s time.

The purpose of the Growing Your Workforce conferences is to provide strategic and current ways to attract, retain, and train local talents for the workforce. Growing Your Workforce understands that service providers, employers, non-profits, job seekers, and all other labour market stakeholders must network their way through the evolutions and constant changes of our socio-economic world.

The Growing Your Workforce Conference is about bringing together experts in their fields (ranging from employers, those working directly with newcomer talent, literacy experts, experts in implementing a living wage, and more) in order to grow in tandem with labour market needs in all respects, and to connect with each other.

About the November 2021 Growing Your Workforce Conference

The November 2021 conference was held over two mornings, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM to Tuesday, November 23, 2021 and Wednesday, November 24, 2021.

In total, there were twelve committee members, twenty-two sponsors organizations, seventeen featured presenters, one live illustrator, five event hosts, fourteen presentations, and seven sponsor commercials.

The theme for this year’s conference centred upon new beginnings. At the time that planning for the November 2021 conference began, the committee was anticipating November to bring the workforce new beginnings, as we thought we’d be transitioning out of many restrictions from the pandemic. While the trajectory of the workforce in regards to the pandemic is still largely uncertain, the committee was of the mind we had already experienced the greatest thick of it and now we’re transitioning to recovery mode.

With the above in mind, the conference was broken down into six main events: Workplace Resiliency, Partnership to Recovery, Innovative Retention and Stories, Discovery, Skilled Trades, and Dive-In.

Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workforce Planning and Development Board would like to extend our gratitude to a number of important organizations that were involved in supporting this Conference. We could not have delivered this Conference without you.

In addition, we would like to thank Jacqueline Demendeev for her captivating visualization of the Conference’s discussions and conclusions. We highly recommend Jacqueline for live visualization projects. Her artwork will be throughout this summation.

Committee Members: Debra Mountenay, Jessica Gowers, Kate Burns-Gallagher, Tamara Kaattari, Andrea Dickinson, Heather Robinet, Sara Gill, Petrusia Hontar, Danette Dalton, Sylvia Hentz, and Charlene Hofbauer

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