Hire Through Us

Hire Through Us

Save time and money onboarding new employees.

To date, we’ve had many local manufacturing employers who have hired through ManufactureYourFuture.

How do we hire?

We recruit job seekers through marketing and leveraging community connections/ referrals with employment services agencies.

What kind of training will the job seekers get before they come to my company?

Once a job seeker becomes a MYFuture participant, the training they receive was confirmed with and influenced by local manufacturing employers who are on MYFuture’s Regional Advisory Committee and Local Working Tables (if you become a participating employer, you will also have the opportunity to become part of the Regional Advisory Committee and your Local Working Table).

Participant training focuses largely (about 80%) on soft skills, including mental health, motivation, team work, personal finance, budgeting, nutrition, and more. In the development of this program, it was expressed to us that employers feel as though they just need help getting people in the door. They want to hire people who are motivated and will show up. We took this feedback and incorporated it heavily into the training.

Influenced by the previously stated priority, a large part of the online, 4-week training encourages the participant to get into the routine and schedule of the workplace, including standing during training to prepare for long standing hours on-the-job, early morning classes to prepare for early start-times, and wearing PPE during training to become accustomed to how it feels.

The technical training is entry level and is adjusted based on what each employer needs. For instance, if you’re a food manufacturing company, we can ensure the participants start their placements with you with a Food and Safety certification in-hand, saving you the time and money of sending the participant through said training. We can ensure the participant has these entry level certifications when they’re ready for direct-hire with your company.

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