Local Jobs Hub: Here to Help

This is the introduction video to our new series Local Jobs Hub: Here to Help! We’ll be showing you how to use each one of our Local Jobs Hub tools and the benefits they provide for your job search. At the end of the day, job searching can be so difficult- not only actually finding a job, but the mental toll it can take on the job seeker’s self esteem. The Local Jobs Hubs tools are here to help.

Not only will the tools help you find a job you like, you can find out how in demand the job is, what you need to qualify, how you can get those qualifications (hopefully free or at a low cost), and more- all of this, with over 6,000 active jobs to choose from now. Keep an eye out. We’ll be posting about this like crazy! And, you can find more videos here, on our YouTube channel under the Local Jobs Hub: Here to Help Series playlist.

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