Nominate Your Employees

Employee Upskilling Program

Our retention training supports you in helping your employees reach their full potential, for free.

Upskilling current employees (officially known as Incumbent training) is a new strategy pursued by ManufactureYourFuture. We’ve consulted the employers already registered and interested in the program to develop the structure, but ultimately your employee’s training is up to you.

Our incumbent training is extremely customizable, with the ability to mix and match hundreds of soft skills and technical skills modules to prepare your employee with the knowledge they need to exceed your expectations. Consider nominating a group of your employees to pursue our leadership modules, while maybe our team building modules are better for another group of employees you have.

If you have an employee who you can see has a lot of potential, but is just missing a couple key skills, let us help you with getting them the training they need to be more successful in your company.

We partner with Tooling U-SME and other training platforms to deliver these classes to your employee(s). You and your chosen employee(s) can decide if you’d like these classes to be delivered during production hours (during their working hours), or during their independent hours.

What makes it worth it for you?

In one word, retention.

According to a study by Willis Towers Watson, 70% of “high-retention-risk” employees want to leave because they see no future advancement in the current job.

According to Gallup, the cost of replacing an individual employee can range from one-half to two times the employee’s annual salary—and that’s a conservative estimate. This means a 100-person organization that provides an average salary of $50,000 could have turnover and replacement costs of approximately $660,000 to $2.6 million per year.

According to Ita Group, employees who have training and development opportunities are happier in their roles and have a brighter outlook on their future with the company.

According to a recent TalentLMS survey on employee upskilling and reskilling:

  • 91% of companies and 81% of employees say upskilling/reskilling training has boosted productivity at work.
  • 66% of employees ranked the joy of learning new things and developing new skills as the top upskilling motivator.
  • 80% of employees say that upskilling/reskilling training has boosted their confidence.
  • 65%of the companies have already taken note and invested in employee upskilling due to tech advancements.
  • Even when employees learn skills on their own (i.e., during their free time, using their own resources), only 7 percent pursue training unrelated to their job.

What’s your next step?