Who We Work With

Who we work with in Ontario & Elgin, Middlesex, Oxford, and London

In addition to our work with local employers and stakeholders, EMOWPDB works with several organizations throughout Ontario and Elgin Middlesex Oxford and London on research, education, and workforce development.

Working Committees

Established workforce development committees are collaborating to provide outreach to employers, local service coordination for employers, data collection from the broader community, and input to local service planning at the local level. This community willingness to collaborate on the ensures projects that tie directly into the local communities.

Elgin Workforce Development Partnership

Planning Groups:

Subject-matter working groups

Labour Market Information Committee provides advice on what local labour market information research is available, as well as providing advice and expertise on labour market information during the pilot project.

The Employer Engagement Working Group ensures that we work with local employers and employer groups to identify workforce development needs and issues.

The Inter-governmental, Inter-ministerial Committee brings the municipal, provincial, and federal perspectives to our co-ordination efforts.

Francophone Working Group discusses issues related to local employment for the francophone community from both the opportunities and the shortages perspectives.

Service Provider Working Group – Open workshops will be held for all service providers to allow us to gather pertinent information and to ensure information flows between our varied stakeholders and the full range of service providers across the London Economic Region.

Advisory Expert Group in Local Labour Market Information and Forecasting: