Who We Are

MYFuture is a SkillsAdvance Ontario (SAO) program directed by the Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workforce Planning and Development Board. We intend to fulfill employer’s hiring needs within the local manufacturing sector by encouraging job seekers to pursue a manufacturing career after completing employer-informed training. This program will result in positive, productive and permanent hires of manufacturers who have learned practical skills.

Our Core Values

We value long-term solutions and we believe in the power of listening. We are committed to including employers in the development of the MYFuture training curriculum. Not only will their insights better fulfill the actual needs of the workforce, it will also provide the participants with skilled, practical knowledge of the manufacturing sector that they need to be successful.

While MYFuture values the technical skills participants need to fulfill their role, MYFuture focuses on the soft skills that employers identify as being necessary for success. MYFuture focuses on 80% soft skills training and 20% technical skills training.

We also understand preparing the participant from the get-go will alleviate some of the early on-the-job training that participants need to be accustomed to the expectations. We prepare participants by encouraging them to start wearing their uniforms during training, building our training hours around the schedule they will likely work to build familiarity with early mornings, and in some cases, we may even encourage participants to stand during training to get used to standing for long hours.

Meet Our Team