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This library is comprised of local labour market information, employer resources and other reports. All resources are free to read and use. Navigate by category or search to find specific terms. Note: Some of these reports were written as part of our previous project, the Local Employment Planning Council (LEPC). Learn more about this project on our ‘about page’.

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Local Labour Market Report

The past year has been unlike any other since the Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workforce Planning and Development Board (WPDB) was incorporated in 1997. Although there have been cyclical changes in the local economy since that time, including the recession of 2labour-market-reports

Scenario Planning Report – EMO Workforce Planning and Development Board v3_final

This project is intended to broaden and deepen conversations about next steps in addressing the present and future economic and social impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in the London Economic Region.employer-resources

Employer Needs Assessment For COVID-19

Stats and implications of a survey of local workforce issue changes as a result of COVID-19.labour-market-reports

Annual Review of the Labour Market 2019-2020

Annual Review Of The London Economic Region Labour Market (2019-2020)_FRENCH

This report represents a review of the local labour market in 2019-2020 within the London Economic Region. It contains information about the labour market as it pertains to gender, education, immigration, industry, occupations, self-employment and more.labour-market-reports

EmployerOne Change Matters Survey Results

Results from a survey capturing the local workforce changes as a result of COVID-19.labour-market-reports

Local Jobs Hub Tasks

These 20 activities can be used by Literacy and Basic Skills programs, Employment Services, Ontario Works programs and others to help support learners and clients. Each of the activities includes a complete set of tasks and a corresponding answer key.labour-market-reports

Perspectives on the Skilled Trades

A report explaining the contexts and demographics surrounding the skilled trades employment sector in the LER (London Economic Region).labour-market-reports

Reality Check

An interactive resource document detailing myths about the labour market, and the facts behind them.fact-sheets

Growing Your Workforce Report 2019

Report on the conference Growing Your Workforce, a 2019 event focused on hiring, retention and skills development.labour-market-reports

COVID-19 Local Impacts | Regional Impacts

Survey data collected between March 26, 2020 and April 19, 2020 by 7 workforce planning boards in Southwestern Ontario to measure the impacts of COVID-19 closures on the workforce.labour-market-reports

Keeping Them Coming Back – A Clear Guide to Customer Experience [Word Format]

Free training tool developed alongside employers for any role that requires customer service. Download the word document format and ask trainees to customize their handbook by taking photos of themselves demonstrating the principles.employer-resources

Barriers to Attracting Apprentices and Completing Apprenticeships

This report presents a survey-based analysis of barriers to attracting demographics to apprenticeship and apprenticeable trades. April 2015.employer-resources

Apprenticeship Literature Review

Supporting Attraction, Retention, and Completion in Apprenticeship Training: What Works, and Why? Literature review prepared in August 2014.employer-resources

Des Approches Innovantes Employ Improv

EMPLOY IMPROV est un projet pilote non conventionnel et innovant qui utilise les outils et les techniques de théâtre d’improvisation pour développer des compétences qui permettront aux participants d’obtenir un emploi.employer-resources

Employ Improv Report

Employ Improv is an unconventional and innovative pilot project using improvisational theatre tools and techniques to build employable skills.employer-resources

Use and Impact of LMI

An executive summary based on an investigation of the impact of labour market information (LMI) and how groups in the London Economic Region (LER) make use of it.labour-market-reports

Workforce Summit Report Nov 2018

Summary of the discussions held at the Workforce Summit hosted by the LEPC on November 26, 2018emowpdb-lepc-documents

Workforce Summit Report May 2018

Summary of the discussions held at the Workforce Summit hosted by the LEPC on May 17, 2018emowpdb-lepc-documents

Service Coordination Contnuum Poster

Service Coordination Continuum poster outlining service levels of the LEPC.emowpdb-lepc-documents

2016-2017 Strategic Plan

Local Employment Planning Council Information Brochure 2017-2018emowpdb-lepc-documents

2016-2017 LEPC Strategic Plan

This strategic plan covers April 1, 2016 to May 31, 2017emowpdb-lepc-documents

Sales And Service Occupations Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet on Sales and Service Occupations, vacancies and wages.fact-sheets

Factsheet on Occupations Within Software Development and Computer Services

Fact Sheet on Occupations within software development and computer servicesfact-sheets

Fact Sheet on Management Occupations

Fact Sheet on Management Occupations - Vacancies And Wagesfact-sheets

Report on London & Area Works Job Fair

Report on the October 2016 London & Area Works Job Fairlabour-market-reports

Labour Demands in the Health Care Sector

What type of education and skills are needed for occupations in the region? This document directs you to better understanding what is required for occupations within major sectors in our region.fact-sheets

Labour Market Participation in the London Economic Region

Take a look at some participation trends in the region and learn some of the reasons why people are choosing not to work from the findings from surveys, interviews and focus groups.labour-market-reports

Job Vacancies and Hourly Wages – Trades, Transport and Related Occupations

Fact Sheet on Trades, Transport, Equipment Operators and Related Occupationsfact-sheets

Manufacturing – Exploring Expected Changes

Fact Sheet on Future Occupations in Manufacturingfact-sheets

Supporting Employers with Hard to Fill Positions – Recommendations

This document contains hard to fill positions as reported by employers in the London Economic Region and includes recommendations for community action.labour-market-reports

Searching the Supply Chain – Transportation & Logisitics

This research report is on the changing and emerging skills requirements within the supply chain in the transportation and logistics sector.labour-market-reports

Shopping the Retail Sector Report

This research report is on the changing and emerging skills requirements within the retail sector.labour-market-reports

Report on Personal Support Workers in Health Care

This research report is on the changing and emerging skills requirements for Personal Support Workers.labour-market-reports

Report on Advanced Manufacturing

This research report is on the changing and emerging skills requirements within the manufacturing sector.labour-market-reports

Skilled Trades in the Construction Sector

This research report is on the changing and emerging skills requirements for skilled trades people within the construction sector.labour-market-reports

Exploring Agriculture

This research report is on the changing and emerging skills requirements within the agriculture sector.labour-market-reports

Keeping Key Talent – Retention Strategies & Best Practices

This document contains various tips and tricks to help you increase the satisfaction of your employees with their job, and as a result lower recruiting costs and can make your company more productive.employer-resources

Programs and Services at Work for Local Employers

This resource provides real examples, from industry, on how they found the right person for their company by accessing various programs and services offered locally.employer-resources

Information Tools for Employers

The right set of tools makes your job easier, makes your business run more smoothly, and allows you to scale in an efficient way. There are countless tools out there designed to help business owners, but in an effort to streamline your search, we’ve narroemployer-resources

Hiring and Training Resources for Employers

As an Employer or HR Professional, it helps to be aware of the many resources and incentives that are available when it comes to hiring and training. Click below to view a list of local resources.employer-resources

Financing Programs for Employers

Job grants, loans and subsidies are available through a number of government programs, administered through various agencies. Click below for a list of some of the most common programs.employer-resources

Connecting for our Clients – A Guide to Developing Communication

This is a guide to developing communication between Employment Ontario and Non-Employment Ontario service providers.employer-resources

Finding the Right Fit – Attraction Strategies & Best Practices

This document contains attraction strategies and best practices for your employees and on how to find the talent you need to help your company grow and prosper.employer-resources

Labour Force Participation In London ER

This report presents an investigation of the labour force participation in the London Economic Region.labour-market-reports