What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Join Jessica Gowers in her discussion on the different types of passion in the workplace, how they function, which is the most optimal, and the best ways to promote a genuine investment in one’s job.

The Power of Play Webinar

Play is one of the easiest ways to practice skills critical to employability like teamwork, observation, communication, critical thinking and problem solving. Join Summer Burton from Literacy Link South Central to learn more by watching this webinar, originally aired live on December 17, 2020.

Growing Your Workforce 3 – Your Path

Join us for a conversation with Jessica Gransaull, Executive Director of the STEAM Center St. Thomas, on the importance of STEAM skills for our area, and about a new campaign to help reach out to those who need it most through culture and…

A New Program For Skills

Fanshawe College is offering a free 15-week Window and Door Installer program beginning this October. With a mixture of theoretical, practical hands-on skills and lectures; graduates from this program will be well versed to…

Skills for Truck Drivers

anshawe Corporate Training Solutions is offering a new, free program. We’re pleased to be be a partner in an advisory role for this “Essential Skills for Truck Drivers” program…

Launching the EmployerOne Change Matters Survey

Businesses need supports that are unique to them. A new survey has launched to understand the changes businesses have undergone in the London Economic Region over the past months of the COVID-19 pandemic…

Thank You from the WPDB

The Workforce Planning and Development board would like to thank all who attended our AGM last Friday to hear about the last year in Workforce Planning and Development, to launch our new brand and to get to know what we’re looking forward to in the year ahead…

Growing Your Workforce – LIVE! – Episode 1

Growing Your Workforce Live! is a new iteration of the publication focused on issues of hiring, training and retention. These 20 minute presentations will enlighten and invite you to dive in below the tip of the iceberg on workforce issues.

COVID-19 Worker Impact Survey

We’ve just released NEW data from our COVID-19 Worker Impact Survey. These results will help inform the ongoing development of responsive employment-related initiatives. Get the full picture at: bit.ly/2x7mv0I