How To Use the Local Jobs Hub

 Local Jobs Hub: Here to Help Series

The Local Jobs Hub has eleven tools to help you with your job search.

The Local Jobs Hub is designed to help job seekers at every step of the job hunting process. We understand job searching can be extremely hard, not only in the way of finding work but mentally, job hunting can be exhausting, discouraging, and can make you feel hopeless.

Local Jobs Hub is Here to Help. The tools that are offered through the Local Jobs Hub are extremely customizable to ensure that you’re looking at jobs that you know you’d be a great fit in.

We know the potential the Local Jobs Hub has, but with all the options for customization, we know that the user needs to fully understand everything these tools are capable of to take full advantage of the Local Jobs Hub’s potential. And so, this is our series, Local Jobs Hub: Here to Help.

Check back here, where we’ll have more videos uploaded soon to help you understand the full potential of the Local Jobs Hub tools!

How to Use: Regional Job Listings

How to Use: Regional Job Map


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I post my job with Local Jobs Hub?

While you can’t post to Local Jobs Hub directly, when you post on any of the top 22 job posting websites for our region, the Local Jobs Hub automatically picks up your job posting and makes it go further, by reaching 3000+ users from across London, Elgin, Middlesex and Oxford counties.

Sites Aggregated by Local Jobs Hub (Updated May, 2024)

General Job Boards:

Specialized Job Boards:

Do I have to pay for job postings on the Local Jobs Hub?

The Local Jobs Hub is a free tool provided by the Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workforce Planning and Development Board and the Local Employment Planning Council to help job seekers and employers alike. Some of our compatible sites charge fees to post with them, but many provide their services for free. Check with the sites above to make the right decision for your hire.

I am hiring for a job outside of the Elgin Middlesex and Oxford Region, why isn’t my job posting on the Local Jobs Hub?

If you’re an employer hiring for a job outside of our region, it won’t appear on Local Jobs Hub, but you can go to to find more resources in your area.

I am hiring for a job in the Elgin, Middlesex, or Oxford counties, why isn’t my job showing up on the Local Jobs Hub?

There are a few reasons your job may not be registered with our site:

  1. It is not posted with one of the sites aggregated by the Local Jobs Hub
    • See the list of compatible sites at the top of the FAQ section.
  2. You may have forgotten to input your address
    • Search for your job using the search function on our Job Board. If your job shows up here, but not on the Map, return to your original posting and input the location of your company or job.Check back in 24 hours to locate your job on the map.
  3. Your address may be incompatible
    • If you don’t see your job on the Job Board or the Map, return to your original posting and check the address. If your posting address is associated with a head office or other location outside of the region, try changing your address on the original posting to the location of the job itself. Check back in 24 hours to locate your job on our board or map.
  4. Your posting was created before the launch of Local Jobs Hub
    • Local Jobs Hub started aggregating jobs in June 2019. If your posting is older than that date, you will have to re-post your job at its original source. Check back in 24 hours to locate your job on our job board or map. Note: “Refreshing” this type of posting will not bring make it register in our system.

Trying the above 4 fixes resolves 90% of cases. If you’ve attempted these fixes and still don’t see your job, please contact us.

I do not want my job listed on Local Jobs Hub

Please contact us.

Job Seekers

How do I apply for a job?

The Local Jobs Hub is a jobs aggregator, meaning we assemble postings from around the web for your convenience.. Each job posting links back to its original source. For more details about the job and how to apply, click the job title or the “Go to Job Posting” link near the bottom of the listing. The Workforce Planning and Development Board is not the employer or hiring on behalf of companies on the Local Jobs Hub. If you have a question about a posting or company, please find the original listing for contact avenues.

How do I see the job postings in a simple text format?

See the text postings on our Regional Job Listings tool.

How do I simplify my search?

The toolbars on the left have a variety of filters to streamline your search and help you see only the jobs you want. See the How To Use materials at the top of the page for information on using the filters.

Why can’t I filter for my particular job/area/career etc.?

Filters are pre-determined by our system, but you can always use the search function located on the top of the left toolbar to get more specific with your job search.

I need more help finding a job.

Find out where you can develop your interview, resume, job skills and more using our Learning For Life Tool.

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I have a job board I’d like to be aggregated by the Local Jobs Hub.

To be featured on the Local Jobs Hub, your site must meet certain criteria. To determine if your job board is eligible, and for more information, contact us.

The Map is missing my childcare centre/employment agency/service centre etc.

Our map locations are populated through a variety of regularly updated community resources. To find out if your location will be included, contact us.

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