Newcomer Talent Retention Network: Drop-in Consultations

Is your workforce leaving you?

Newcomer Talent Retention Network: Drop-in Consultations

Mon–Thurs, every week via Zoom

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The Newcomer Talent Retention Network is a project of WILL Immploy that aims to make employers Newcomer Ready and welcome immigrant talent needed to sustain our economy and workforce, creating an optimal environment for newcomer and immigrant job seekers to remain employed and productive in Canada.

The project focuses on six key retention areas such as human resources, inclusive onboarding strategies, intercultural communication, immigration law & work eligibility, city settlement, and addressing unconscious bias, racism & discrimination in the workplace. WILL Immploy now hosts virtual drop-in sessions with expert consultants to offer customized solutions for your needs. The service is at no cost to you and is open for Southwestern Ontario employers of any scale. Register for an upcoming session today or refer an employer who could benefit from this service.

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